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+WeCube® License

With the grace of God, the +We® Group started its studies and research activities in the field of paper and cellulose products from 2014. This Group targeted and implemented its activities under the management of International Trade Master  Co.,  Ltd. in 2015.

By studying the technological deficiencies in the production of paper and cellulose products, as the first Iranian brand in the Middle East, it decided to define license for production and supply of products which is laudable as a new Iranian project.

  • +WeCube® license

In addition to production, we try to build culture on how to better protect the environment and produce paper and cellulose products, which facilitates the identification and selection of authentic and quality products for the customers.

The aim of +We® family is to give you a good sense, the Good sense of originality!

Now! +WeCube® license indicates the good quality and performance consistent with paper consumer devices for home, administrative and training uses.  

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