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+We® CustomerCare™

+ We®CustomerCare™  Program:

Customer support

In order to improve the quality of its services, Customer care unit has been established. Given the undeniable role of customer consent in global markets, this unit is active in all reputable companies of the world for meeting the needs of customers and facilitates their communication and coordination with them with the company. In fact, this unit acts as the customers' representative and oversee all stages of the service delivery process.

From the initial moment of potential problems formation, customer care activity begins and continues until reaching complete customer satisfaction. Hence, it can act in case of occurrence of any problem in the process of providing services and accordingly remove the obstacles to accomplish this task. This unit is required to pursue any complaints and critics. If any problem arises at any stage of the relationships between customer and company, this section acts with respect to customers' legal rights and within the framework of its contracts and makes some studies in this area so that customers can experience the high quality of +We® services.


Communication channels of the customer support department

To keep track of all their problems, all esteemed customers can contact the Customer Care Unit and consult our colleagues about their problem. Collaborators are obliged to carefully investigate the issues raised and inform the customers of the latest advances and results in all stages of follow-up.


  • Calling the Head office and internal numbers of Customer Response Unit.
  • Sending SMS messages to the website's question and feedback section.
  • Sending SMS messages to the customer relationship system +985000248354
  • Sending messages on the hotline of this unit in non-office hours +989100775200
  • Sending faxes to the number +982188359421.
  • Sending e-mail to the address CustomerCare [at]
  • In-person visit.


Filing complaints, suggestions, and criticisms

Due to the implementation of the quality management system of customer complaints based on standard ISO, +We® is ready to receive, investigate, and respond to the complaints and suggestions of esteemed customers through the company's phone numbers under the title of "Customer's voice" or "the customer's system". You may also download and complete the following forms and pursue your suggestions, criticisms and complaints in-person at the company location.


  1. Form for filing in-person complaint of dissatisfaction with the quality of service
  2. Form for filing in-person complaint due to technical problems
  3. Form for filing in-person complaint of dissatisfaction with the way of addressing the problem
  4. Form for filing in-person complaint of dissatisfaction with the treatment of staff
  5. In-person poll form surveying patients' satisfaction of the services
  6. In-person poll form surveying the sales and implementation of contract
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