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+We® Roll & Folio

Roll and Folio:

+We®Blue is a multipurpose paper with the highest brightness and whiteness.

+We®Blue is especially designed for multipurpose applications such as high speed photocopy, color and b/w laser and ink jet printing and plain fax machines. It is available in cut size forms and is perfect for important documents, presentation materials, reports and brochures.

1. Uncoated Woodfree Paper : Plus Hi

Sulphate paper for photocopying, fax and laser and inkjet printing machines.


2. Uncoated Woodfree Paper : Plus Hi A 
Paper product for mimeograph.


3. Uncoated Woodfree Paper : +We®Blue-Book Paper (Available for printing pocket book) WB paper 65 gsm, paper 70 gsm, paper 75 gsm 
It's creamish Color. The color may help reader reads the book convenicencely (Eye Care paper). We always call such as paper is "green read paper"


4. Uncoated Woodfree Paper : +We®Blue +Copy Paper (for photocopying) 
Sulphate paper for fax, photocopying, inkjet and laser printing.


5. Uncoated Woodfree Paper : +We®Blue +note (Available for writing) WB paper 60gsm.
Sulphate paper is specially designed for notebook production with the attributes of water resistance which allows adequate amount of ink on the surface, sharp printing, strong inner, and high brightness making high print contrast to the printing.


6. Uncoated Woodfree Paper: +We®Blue+Print (Available for printing) WB

 paper 60gsm,paper 70gsm, paper 80gsm, paper 90gsm, paper 100gsm, paper 120gsm
Sulphate paper for printing production obtains smoothness attribute which makes good toner transfer and allows adequate amount of ink on the paper surface to produce shiny and shadowy printing works. With the attributes of bright and thick paper, +We®Blue -Print makes full-colored and anti-shine through printouts. AA-Print also with stable pulp structure makes high strength which allow low dust content and no paper jam and the printing machine can work on very high speed level.


7. Uncoated Woodfree Paper : +We®Blue  NCR BASE Paper (Suitable for coated job) WB

paper40gsm , paper 45gsm , paper 50gsm , paper 55gsm , paper 75gsm 
Normally NCR always produce as the sticky or coated paper which is not seep water


8. Uncoated Woodfree Paper : +We®Blue  White card paper for printing and other products
Paper product for dying, leaflets and perfumed cards.


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