The coated duplex is a key material for the production of inner box. Coated and calendared on one side, it provides a white and smooth surface really suitable for offset printing.

Coated Duplex Board
Thanks to its white and smooth surface ideally suit to be printed, this durable duplex board is highly recommended for the production of folding cartons, indirect-contact food boxes, toy boxes, soap and toothpaste packaging, as well as posters. 

Basis weights: 180, 230, 250, 270, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 grams per square meter. (g/m2)


Coated White-Back Duplex Board
With its smooth, white and clean appearance on both sides, this coated duplex board is perfect for packaging of products that need clean look, premium, and good printability , such as indirect-contact food boxes, cosmetics packages, and medicine cartons.

Basis weights: 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 (g/m2)


Coated Duplex Board Laminated with Metalized PET (Mira Board)
Laminated with Metalized PET, this duplex board has exceptionally glossy and smooth surface. It works particularly well with UV printing system. When turned into packaging, it offers a modern and eye-catching image to a brand involved, also helps increase the value of products.

Basis weights: 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 (g/m2)


Coated Duplex Board with Anti-fungal Coating
Such duplex board features white and smooth surface, thus making it printable. Its brown back coated with the anti-fungal INTACE or TK chemical is highly recommended for soap packaging. 

Basis weight: 350 grams per square meter. (g/m2)

Products Offer

Duplex Board Coated Super

230 – 450

Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments, Liquor Cartons, Agarbati etc.

Duplex Board Coated

230 – 450

Match box, Agarbati, Garment, Sweet Boxes, Hosiery, Spare Parts etc.

Duplex Board White Back (HWC) / (LWC)

230 – 450

Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments, Liquor Cartons, Agarbati, Wedding & Greeting Cards, Paper Plates, Notebook & Text Book Covers etc

Cup Stock

170 – 180

Paper Cups

Ultra White Coated Board

230 – 450

Garment, /Saree-Boxes, Agarbati segment

Duplex Ultra White Coated Premium Board

230 – 450

Pharmaceuticals, Premium-saree boxes, Cosmetics and varieties of cards.

Duplex Board (Deluxe) Uncoated Boards

230 – 600

Garments, Foot Wear

Coated Duplex Board LWC

200 – 600

Match Box, Agarbati, Garments, Hosiery, Spare Parts

Duplex Bd. LWC Kraft Back

230 – 600

Top liner for Corrugation Segment, Garment Inserts, fruit boxes, etc..

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