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Agreement between the user and PlusWe:
PlusWe has a website that is comprised of various webpages. This site has established some rules and regulations for users. Accordingly, users are not allowed to edit it and must comply with all the mentioned conditions and notices.

Changes in the rules and terms of using the site:
PlusWe reserves all rights to edit terms of use, rules, and notices expressed about it.

Links to other sites:
PlusWe may contain links to other sites. Sites linked through our website are not under our control and we do not accept any responsibility for them. PlusWe has included these links only to provide some facilities to you and the content of any link to our site has no certain relation to our site and we will not accept any responsibility for it.

No unlawful or prohibited use:

In order to use PlusWe, you guarantee that you will never copy our site and will not participate in illegal and prohibited activities. Under no circumstances, you are not allowed to use PlusWe site in any way that could damage or disable the site or change its appearance and you may not use it just for personal enjoyment.

Use of mass communication:
PlusWe may include communication systems such as forums, chat rooms, newsgroups, commenting system, pages of personal information, or similar systems which allow communication with other users. Here, you are only allowed to send and receive messages or files that are in accordance with that system of mass communication and you must be very careful to avoid the following:

  • Defamation, abuse, malicious attacks, threats, invasion of privacy and publicity rights of other users,
  • Publishing, posting, uploading, distribution or dissemination of any inappropriate material, profanity, defamatory, obscene speech, indecent pictures or titles, illegitimate names, etc.
  • Uploading files or items that are far from common sense or are incompatible with the site laws.
  • Uploading infected or corrupted files, or any file or program that causes dysfunction of another computer
  • Advertising or offering to sell or buy any good or service in order to trade on the site
  • Leadership, guidance, and forming pyramid groups in comments, contests, and the like.
  • Distributing files that have already been placed by another user with one’s own name
  • Limiting or excluding any other user from using and enjoying the public services and social communication services.

    Removing and collecting personal information of other individuals without their consent.
Applicable laws about violations:
  • PlusWe takes on no obligation to monitor the social communication service systems. However, we reserve the right for ourselves to review the files and contents submitted by users and remove any violations of the laws. We also reserve the right for ourselves to restrict the user access to various parts of the site, such as social communication systems at any time and for any reason or remove the user from the list of members without mentioning the reason.

    · PlusWe reserves the right for itself to announce any information about the laws applicable on site at all times or edit, publish, or remove the content published on site or remove any information or files in any part of the website.

    · Always be careful when giving out information about yourself, your friends or relatives in any social communication service.

    · Some of the information and files loaded on the site may be provided for limited use. In this case, you are obliged to observe this right and you must not abuse that particular case.

Information and documents provided or posted on our website
  • PlusWe has no claim on ownership of data and files uploaded by you on the site (including feedback, suggestions, submitted content, uploaded files, or any information recorded on our site). Nevertheless, by posting or uploading files and submitting your comment, you are giving it to us.

    · PlusWe does not have to pay any compensation or reward in return for your posts. As well, it will have no obligation to accept your recorded data and even has the permission to remove your posts at any time.

    · By posting contents, uploading files, recording or providing comments, you take on all their responsibility and you will be accountable on them.

Information, software, products, and services offered on our site may contain graphical or programming errors. It is worth mentioning that some changes will periodically be applied to such information. Also, PlusWe or its developer may edit the program for development purposes.