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“And everyone who trusts in God, God will suffice him”

Thanks to the Almighty Creator who created, taught the thinking ways and guided to the path of movement and growth, pondering for flourish of all human capabilities in continuous and regular path of creation. Assessing the needs of society as consumers and manufacturing capabilities in the national arena as the Iranian creative industry and production are considered as two wings in manufacturing and industrial success and protecting the rights of consumers as the main audience of the manufacturing sector is considered as an important task.

We have tried to be active in the arena of innovation and production and move in the path of improvement. We only have hope in grace and support of God to show in the global arena that Iran and Iranians deserve the best.

We eagerly welcome the critics and suggestions of all customers, which are necessities for improvement.

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Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

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